In the Phoenix music scene I am always fascinated by artists who push themselves visually and add components not normally related to their genre. Although costumed performers and DJs can be found within the electronic music industry as a whole, there’s many electronic artists in Arizona who have yet to take that step in their branding.

After becoming familiar with Not Your Shadow member David’s former solo project, Jack of Diamonds, I managed to track his career to a visual duo (and production trio) at a home studio in Phoenix to dig a little bit deeper on the masked group crafting unapologetic bass music. The interview below is a conversation with two parts of a three-part production group, David and Mira; the third mystery producer has yet to be known to the public…

How did the Not Your Shadow project start?

David: Basically, we wanted an outlet to project ourselves creatively. We wanted people to recognize us in what we were doing in the music scene, but we needed a vessel to get to people. We started this group called Not Your Shadow because we are nobody’s shadow [looks over to Mira] What would you say about that?

Mira: We are our own unique type of people, we aren’t standing in anyone’s shadow; we are standing in the light of what we are doing, and pushing positive vibes forward, instead of … I don’t know! [laughs]

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